About Logistics House

North-east Brabant is well-provided for in terms of logistics. The region is home to multiple concentrations of logistics service providers and freighters of international allure; there is good infrastructure in all modalities; logistics hubs are very easily accessible; there is land and buildings available; the authorities (provincial, regional and local) and education provide support and there are personnel available. This makes the region very suitable for further growth: a top location for companies in the logistics sector and companies for which efficient logistics are crucial.

Joining forces
Collaboration is a critical success factor for further growth. That is why logistics service providers, freighters, educational institutes and authorities are collaborating in different local platforms. For example, in relation to improving the sector’s image, logistics education and training, connections with the ports of Antwerp, Amsterdam and Rotterdam and the necessary facilities, such as land and infrastructure.
These local platforms have also joined forced under the initiative ‘Vijfsterren Logistiek’ (‘Five-star Logistics’). The aim is to further position and develop the region as a logistics hotspot. We have chosen this type of collaboration in order to stimulate an even wider collaboration among the business sector, which also involves links with and the facilitation of education and the authorities. To benefit from each other’s knowledge, skills and networks: that is what it’s all about.

As a means to achieve this, we facilitate widely supported projects that contribute to creating an optimum business climate for logistics activities, the maintenance of employment opportunities in the region and the region’s long-term economic development. Businesses play a leading role in this: their needs are paramount. Education and the authorities step in when businesses need them. Therefore, together we get optimum benefit from each other’s knowledge, skills and networks.

Intended result
We intended to inspire and motivate companies to do business with or want to use the expertise of logistics partners located in the region. We also hope that participating companies experience the added value of our collaboration and that interested parties see this as a reason to set up businesses here. We hope that the strength of this region triggers more partners to join us, in the form of both collaboration and new business ventures.

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